Seattle Times: “Seattle’s Fisher Ensemble says yes to Noh in Kocho” Read full article here

At the Hawk’s Well:
The New York Times: “Using Japanese Noh to Lift a Celtic Myth.” Read full article here

Seattle Times: “Ravishing…with movement precision both elastic and talon sharp”

The Gathering Note: “Completely new and riveting”

Seattle PI: “When Agamemnon was presented as a works-in-progress at last year’s Northwest New Works Festival, it had real promise as a work of significance. The music was haunting and the integration of movement skillful. Those elements are even more fully realized in the now-complete hour-long opera.”

Saint Sebastian:
Seattle Weekly: [The movement was] “wonderfully archetypal”

Love Letters Beyond the Veil
(Written and Performed by Amontaine Aurore and Directed by Tikka Sears):

Review by Norm Stamper:
“Veil” is a tour de force of accomplished jazz,dance, poetry and storytelling…..The set, designed by Celeste Cooning and erected principally of massive, beautifully conceived and executed cut paper is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on stage. Combined with first rate choreography by Aurore and Christy Fisher (also the show’s assistant director), smart costume design by Carolyn Hall… savvy lighting design by Robert Hall and skilled sound design by Rick Wolff, the set was truly mesmerizing.