2012 – 2014
Concept and Direction: Christy Fisher
Movement: Christy Fisher and 15 Cancer Lifeline Participants
Video: Ryan K. Adams and Christy Fisher
Music: Amy Denio
Installation: Kristen Tollefson
Gongs performed by Dean Moore

Supported by 4Culture Individual Artist Grants, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and Cancer Lifeline, Seattle.

Through a series of movement and art workshops, we collaborated with 15 Cancer Lifeline participants to explore the idea of a keepsake. A keepsake is traditionally understood as a token created or given to honor a particular person or important life event. We incorporated issues of illness and loss as launching pads to explore what is meaningful and valuable. Through these workshops, each participant created a movement phrase that emerged from their process. These movement phrases formed the basis for a series of video diptychs.