Jack Straw Media Gallery
4261 Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle, WA
September 29th – December 8th, 2017
A sound and sculpture installation by Garrett Fisher and Tori Ellison.
Live performances by Christy Fisher on Friday evenings,
September 29th, October 13th and December 8th.
Contact Christy for more information. Installation and performances are FREE.

Cocoon Bustle (2018)
A film and movement based installation
Centrum Creative Artist Residency Program, Port Townsend, WA

Love Letters Beyond the Veil
November 5th, 2016 Theatre Row, NYC, NY
Written and Performed by Amontaine Aurore
Direction: Tikka Sears
Choreography: Christy Fisher and Amontaine Aurore
Costume: Carolyn Hall

Stay Tuned!